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Project of renown division famous brand ignites garment industry " holy fire "

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  Summary: "Project of renown division, famous brand " the strategy if " holy fire " ignited garment industry passion commonly, delivering " China is created " kindling, for Chinese garment industry education goes a batch to approve outstanding stylist and famous brand of numerous and famous dress, for the promotion of Chinese garment industry, point to the direction of clear advancement. "Renown division project " bring up " design pioneer "

Conference of work of countrywide garment industry was held in Shenyang on April 26, 1996. The Du Yu that undersecretary of textile industry ministry holds the post of when continent published " renown division project " the strategy is enunciative. Later, the group of fir of peaceful wave fir that Zheng Yonggang heads makes public Zhang Bang to invite famous stylist Zhang Zhaoda, Wang Xinyuan to join in with the give special treatment of 4 million yearly salary, initiated the beginning with domestic clothing company and allied stylist. Subsequently, 7 Yageer, wolves, too and, the renown look forward to such as 3 benefit is answered in succession. Large quantities of one fashionable dress such as Wu Xuewei, Liu Yang, Wang Hongying if stylist emerges to come out now like emerge, make van of new fighting spirit of contemporary China fashionable group gradually.

"Renown division project " the state that the strategy joins our country to take outfit stylist rank at that time and the external demand that the industry expands, in the time that strives to be in 10 years, cent is advanced for 3 phase stage by stage, bring up a professionalism that has international level to take outfit stylist rank. These 3 phase can differentiate roughly for: Came to was industrialization phase 2000 1997, the relation that main goal is the concern that makes dress stylist and enterprise sufficient know design and industry, industry and demand and stylist are right industrial action; Came to was professionalism phase 2003 2000, stylist should have what kind of quality ability to get used to the demand that brand phase industry expands, how can stylist just develop due industrial action raise the industry of stylist to get used to a lot of problem such as force, in order to cause the widespread attention of the personage inside course of study; Came to was personalized phase 2005 2003, basically arouse the fashionable innovation ability of stylist, dress stylist of China will inside information by right of deep ethical culture and bright individual character color ascends the world to take arty peak.

On July 29, 2007, week of China International fashionable dress 10 years, garment industry public figure is in numerous await the ballot in choosing stylist division of name of 10 dress groups -- Zhang Zhaoda, Wu Haiyan, Ji Wenbo, Luo Zheng, Liu Yang, Wu Xuekai, Fang Ying, Wu Xuewei. Dress is engaged in designing the also has 12 years history with professional the shortest time in 10 people, 7 people exceed 20 years even; 10 people or the stylist brand that own oneself, or the design company that manages oneself provides design service for clothing company; Among them 8 are group of Chinese dress design top prize " Jin Ding award " gainer. This shows, "Renown division project " not only for Chinese dress bound education went outstanding design elite, and the brand that also gave oneself for industry creation.
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