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Holding channel of good clothing sale is crucial

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  Summary: If want store of clothing of a foreign trade, want to look for channel of pair of replenish onr's stock above all, if can machine the factory of foreign trade dress to establish long connection with a major, OK and successful set up shop, capital of set up shop is controlled in 30 thousand yuan, if eye of replenish onr's stock is good, nature of every month income does not poor. Imperceptible in, many flourishing a sector of an area spread all over Wuhan a kind of special clothing store -- , store of foreign trade clothing. These inn do not have his inn name mostly, hit merely " foreign trade dress " the name. Because design of the dress inside inn is unique, attracted many fashionable men and womens, the business is general pretty good.

Store of many foreign trade clothing discover Wuhan street foreign trade merchant wants cent to plant: A kind those who go is low end course, another kind those who go is medium high-grade course.

Of channel of replenish onr's stock of store of foreign trade clothing concealment quality, also caused a doubt: Is what what sell in these inn foreign trade dress really?

   Low end course

The store of clothing of a foreign trade near t-shaped bridge, the value that discovers the dress inside inn is general and inferior, general price of a T-shirt is in 10 yuan - 50 yuan between, coat also does not pass 779 yuan price. Dress design is more unique, what sell with other brand shop is very different, fabrics and do manual work are more general. The dress in inn is put very not exquisite, general pattern is to be inside the storefront of 20 square metre, 3 are hanged full sundry dress, roughly cent has unlined upper garment of the T-shirt, wool, coat, trousers to wait, there still is a large clothes tree among inn, hang full all sorts of dress. The reporter observed the brand of dress carefully, discovery has one part dress to do not have brand, in addition, the label that orders on major dress each are not identical, give priority to with English for the most part.

In store of clothing of another foreign trade, the smock outside seeing a wool is gotten is in most outside, collar place is sticking label of a famous brand, although design is adjacent, but its fabrics and famous brand are having great difference however, be modelled on apparently. This must let a person suspect " foreign trade dress " authenticity. The reporter asks a shop assistant " these dress are foreign trade dress " , salesman says for certain " it is of course " . The reporter enquires the channel of replenish onr's stock of dress then, salesman is held immediately in order to suspect a manner, niminy-piminy.

The main customer of store of clothing of this kind of foreign trade is the citizen with the student with economic not quite abundant actual strength and relatively scanty income, many students are in when classes are over, turn in inn, pick 9 clotheses.
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