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Ducun brewing build Chinas high-end brand sweater

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Ducun sweater has been Misunderstood For the Suzhou people, Ducun sweater can be used to describe the famous. Once in the Yangtze River Delta area, Ducun sweater became almost synonymous. Sweater shop that opened in Suzhou city, many are linked to the block "Ducun sweater" signs. However, walking into stores, looking at dozens of blocks, hundreds of pieces a sweater, but it will not help people to make a question mark in my heart: these clothes, regardless of style and quality, it seems that the "crossing Village sweater "fame, does not match. "Ducun sweater, from the start is to take the high road to. Cheap, affordable, Ducun sweater is a misunderstanding." Speaking of Ducun sweater, Yang Xingsheng can be described as endless. Seventies of last century from the Office of Enterprise Social The rise of industry, began to set up the first town Ducun is Knitting Factory, he is the director. Local counterparts also jokes that he was "the father of Ducun sweater." He said that Ducun sweater originally a joint venture with Shanghai as Shanghai country Sweater factory Ducun large branch. For example, when the famous sweater brand micrantha, penguins, snow, horses, clothing will have a "production plant in Shanghai Knitting Factory Ducun" message. Ducun time, though only a small town in Wu County, Suzhou, Shanghai, but has sent down a large number of first-class technical staff and design team. So just a start Ducun sweater, wool sweater will be quickly occupied the area High ground. "Suzhou create" a long time accumulating a good reputation, but also rely on the large terminal to do the Shanghai market, so the quality sweater Ducun soon won the approval of the industry, has become famous sweater Town. However, the level of domestic consumption was still very limited, sweater, cashmere sweater are "luxury" products are mainly sold abroad. Yang Xingsheng even said that even Ducun who has not got to a few pieces of real Ducun sweater . At present, some wearing "Ducun sweater," a small sign shop, which sells products that do not represent the real Ducun sweater. Cheap, affordable and so impressed, in fact, is a misreading Ducun sweater. Most of the products sold overseas real Ducun Since people can not even wear Ducun to several pieces of real Ducun sweater, and that annual production of tens of millions of pieces of Ducun sweater, where have you gone? The answer is: other brands are trademarks paste, are sold overseas. Into the nineties of last century, foreign orders are beginning to look on the Ducun the sweater business. Yang Xingsheng said that the requirements of foreign orders much higher than domestic orders. The same sweater, a little bit of color, or There are several pins done well to make no goods. But even such harsh conditions, Ducun sweater easy to perfect the technology is still challenging. Because of excellent technology, and gradually regarded list of many international brands sent to Ducun, OEM production. Such as the famous British brand Burberry, many high-end cashmere sweater is produced in Ducun. According to reports, the development so far , Is the larger town lake sweater companies have long done for dozens of international brand OEM. In those days, on the one hand cashmere sweater is a high consumption of a sudden the domestic market is not up yet Hing, on the other hand, foreign orders have sought out Ducun the sweater factory. Ducun the sweater business nature And then began to focus on a single trade on the connection. Although the bulk of profits go to the brand, but the math processing fees, but also very impressive. It is by this tradition, local businesses focus on the quality of soil sweater efforts, access to the 360 national patents, technology has become more polished. From around 1995 to 2005, the lake town of the large number of wool T-shirt business, has experienced a smooth and comfortable years. Yet another indisputable fact is that "life easier" bosses sweater, long ignored this piece of market operators. In their view, are more OEM's foreign trade alone come Less to do, why spend money to ask for his effort to fight domestic market? How to top-class technology brands After 2005, things have changed quietly. "Without its own brand, there is no right to speak." Shen bao lake town mayor's words indeed the experience of the problems currently Ducun sweater, sharply. "List is still a good pick, but increasingly slim profit margins." Cai Shen Ju-ying co sweater boss of this word, to say the lake town of almost all the common aspiration of sweater factory owner. According to her, orders from the middle Business to Ducun, very thin profit margins thin. Such as shopping malls selling price on the OTC thousands of sweaters, sweater Ducun production earn tens of dollars a fact. Some orders, almost unprofitable. Di Ma Knitting Co., Ltd. Suzhou, a large part of orders from Japan, according to owners about that sweater in the Japanese market, equivalent to several million to sell the most expensive one, even the cheaper equivalent to the people Have three or four thousand dollars a coin. However, for foundry, Di Ma received the processing fees, only a tiny fraction of them. Even so, such a big brand hair down the list, processing the profit is considered high. According to Yang Xingsheng introduced two years beginning Ducun lake where the town, almost all have a certain strength of the Knitting Factory, have registered their brand names. However, he laments, like single-handedly blaze a retail market Come, easy ah! According to his understanding, the present addition to "Renaissance" and a few brands out of the lake town of few to take the facade to open stores outside, the other brands are also sold only in the lake. Shen bao said, "Ducun sweater" is a group brand, despite the high recognition in the industry, but a very real problem is that no one in sweater Ducun cried really ringing a croak Body brand. Waterside master the world's top companies sweater weaving process, can be due to not have their own brand, we can only "for others to do the wedding dress", the wall flower wall incense. Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other places of sweaters processing Industry has grown over the past decade up, competitors more than one, contract compression profit company, a waterside business immediately felt tight sweater. Why not? Voice the hands of others. Shen bao think that since Ducun sweater with top technology and how to use this excellent technology, create compliance with the first-class brand, which is adjacent to a lake people to think and tackled. Lake to do high-end flagship cashmere sweater From export to domestic sales, the OEM switch brands, transferred from the joint development of decentralized management - Ducun sweater brewing in the "three switch" process to restore the high-end sweater Ducun the Truth, in order to build China's high-end cashmere sweater Flagship. In fact, Ducun sweater "turned" from last year began. Last year, the lake in the town center of town planning to build a neighborhood Ducun sweater features a total length of 1 km, with standard stores 408, 100 Sweater franchise stores, focus on brand management sweater. These sweaters are not OEM extra Wei Huo, nor is it granted to the field of "non-Ducun products", but the lake town of the leading enterprises in the past few years creating sweater Out, every inch of real estate brands, such as star Joris, Wheless, Renaissance and so on. While these brands and the Ordos not currently compared to, but they first embarked on the road of independent operation, but also the formation of a Suzhou Months on the grade on the scale of the gathering place of the brand sweater. Features to create blocks, just Ducun sweater taken the domestic exports to manufacturing for the brand's first turn. Currently the town is taking the lead, the United lake several top production process control of the sweater business, the formation of a Group company, registered a sweater brand, the overall marketing, brand promotion. It seems the town's leadership in the lake, three years of development, Ducun sweater has a world-class technology, and has accumulated a number of high-quality Top-level practitioners, and the view on the current situation of large, world-class brands have opened stores in the domestic, but also that the high-end cashmere brands are the market demand. According to reports, the company should be up and running within this year, product trademarks and company names, will be unified release. In the next few years, the main high-end cashmere products company, more than two hundred sweater lake Stabilize the mid-market companies, phasing out low-end products.