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China sweater 4-day international event welcoming township 150 000

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Ninth China International Woolen Knitwear Fair sweater today in China Guangdong Dalang town came to an end, the reporter learned from the organizing committee, this is called "weaving Fair" event in the international wool attracted four days before the to participate View negotiation more than 15 times at home and abroad. Ninth "Weaving Fair" to "win-win cooperation" as its theme, aims to build cooperation and exchange platform for wool enterprises, the main venue area is divided into special equipment, clothing area, mechanical areas of three galleries, exhibits include wool knitwear Mao Weaving machinery, computer design software, woolen clothing materials and accessories, covering the entire wool industry chain. As new technologies, new products, new trends continue to emerge, exhibitors, buyers and professional this year to reach a new audience High, it is by the international financial crisis, China sweater town - flying upwind Long wool, woolen industry to upgrade the results of a grand show. The four-day fair, the main points of the exhibition attracted nearly 15 million professional customers in visitors purchasing, professional, international, in terms of trade have a new breakthrough, Dalang Woolen "Image Show" to the "Trade Exhibition "made an important change in the pace. According to the organizing committee, as the domestic retail market last year, Matchmaking achieve better results, this fair followed the successful experience of last year, will focus on the invitation of customers in the domestic retail market. Preliminary statistics, the Ninth "weaving Fair" received nearly one hundred professional procurement groups, including South Korea, Belgium, Germany, Britain, Italy, Vietnam, India, Argentina, Russia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Countries and regions, and Heilongjiang, Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Chongqing, Hubei and other provinces of the purchasing groups. In addition to professional buyers, there are "hundreds Beijing World Trade Center and the Long Wing Enterprise special matchmaking wool", "China Joint meeting of the joint procurement deal with supermarket Long wool business matchmaking "and other large purchases special matchmaking. Through this series of procurement docking exchange, truly Long wool producers and buyers distance between the docking for the enterprises to establish effective domestic platform, the real exchange platform for enterprises to build cooperation Exhibition purposes.