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Qiqihar Tiefeng seized a number of counterfeit sweater Business

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Shoddy, fake sweater after a re-packaging, hang up brand-name manufacturers logo, openly Baishangguitai, "sneak" to deceive consumers. Recently, the Qiqihar City Tiefeng Trade and Industry Branch in the fight against counterfeiting operation, seized such a batch of counterfeit "Shanghai sweater." Law enforcement officers in the Department of Trade and Industry Bo Square, west side of the street rental housing inspection found that the shop sells sweaters noise is wantonly sell, "tearful big sale, Tears in Aceh, Zaguomaitie audience off" and other propaganda to attract the past board the public. Inside the counter products are a variety of Shanghai sweater, the price from 10 yuan to 120 yuan per each sweater are marked on the plate Shanghai sweater manufacturer. When the law enforcement officers during their inspection, the operator could not get any certification procedures, prevarication can not tell purchase channels. Careful inquiry by law enforcement officers, business tells the sources of cargo. The original operator in units of pounds from Zhejiang to purchase poor quality of the sweater, after processing at a lower price to sell "premium" sweater to earn huge profits, law enforcement officials immediately fake "Shanghai sweater" site closed down, and investigate and deal with the case. Tiefeng Branch Trade and Industry to remind the general public in the purchase of sweater must be careful to distinguish, a good quality sweater, fabric evenness should be no breakage, color harmony no color, pattern symmetry seamless stitch. Available when purchasing your fingers to gently pull the fabric, such as the size of the exposed pins evenly spaced, light and soft feel, with a will of flexibility, quality is good. Counterfeit sweater look rough, crude fiber, Soke more, feel stiff, shiny dark, although the price is low, but not practical.