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Erdos Group sweater Austria: follow the trend of low-carbon society

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Winter, the Ordos Austrian group each day, five to ten new models to market the design of the sweater, won the consumers. As we all know, the sweater is green dress, it organic, natural, can be recycled for the characteristics of the social response to the trend of low-carbon age, access to the lucrative market. Austrian group advocating low-carbon Erdos, freedom, comfort, health, lifestyle, social attitudes, and the successful shaping of high-quality clothing culture, as to meet the social development and promote industrial upgrading leader. In recent years, along with high-quality domestic consumer market trend of rapid growth, China has entered the textile and garment industry innovation and development and quality improvement of the acceleration phase. Has to "warm world" shaped cashmere industry leading brand of Erdos Group, the corporate multi-brand, multi-species diversification strategy, the "Ordos Austrian group" as a new starting point, turn the sweater to create a comprehensive high Ordos quality long-term planning time. Advocating low-carbon, free, comfortable, healthy lifestyle, is "Ordos Austrian group" perseverance to create high-quality sweater dress culture is the core concept. Wide range of design styles, perfect to warm wool and comfort to the extreme. Perfect quality assurance system and the leading quality management level, to give "Erdos Austrian group" unique brand attributes and win the favor of consumers, become the leading brand of wool knitting industry. From the people, giving back to people. "Ordos Austrian group" in the access market, while lucrative, is not only undertaken to promote the development of heavy sweater industry innovation, while actively engaged philanthropy. 2004, Soong Ching Ling Foundation donated 100 million to spend for the education of children in Western capital, and to advocate within the agency efforts in the area to do public good. 2008 "Erdos Austrian group" and donations for the Sichuan earthquake, more than 60 million, in addition, several donors for the business location of the Red Cross to contribute to the community.