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Different ingredients label sweater

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Yesterday, members of the public reflection of Mr. Qian, a large mall with a technology component, identify the sweater, so that customers commit confused. 17, the Optical Valley, a large department store, a counter clerk said, "is to do activities, original price 1492 yuan in sales of high-end sweaters 1-2 fold." Mr. Qian will spend 600 yuan to buy two special sweaters, home , he found the tag on the sweater state components Basolan Wool 100%, while the clothes are marked on the label is 30% cashmere, wool 55%, 15% anti-pilling acrylic. Mr. Qian said the label did not think so differently inside and outside the sweater, it can not give it away. Journalists find the stores, its head Pengjing Li explained that Pakistan is a process of wool Sulan name refers to the process through Pakistan Sulan processed wool, wool blend it is not pure wool. Yesterday, coordinated by the reporter, the store has been giving money to a full return, Mr., and other compensation of 1,500 yuan.