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The fashionable dress that wool knitting designs is changed is a times is inevit

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  Summary: Anyhow, although change of design of wool knitting dress is not big, but fashionable element takes mount everywhere to see in its, no matter the wool knitting dress of easy collocation stumbles at will to be between the waist or wrap around,can experience the smell that influences to wool knitting vogue on the shoulder, we must plaint the life that the wool knitting clothing that fashionable dress changes walked into us sadly brought new life to traditional wool unlined upper garment. Wool knitting dress is the knitting dress that raw material gives priority to with animal fiber, if wool of abb, rabbit hair, camel is the dress of main raw material. The main characteristic of wool knitting dress is its extensibility strong, flexibility is good, because this can tighten close-fitting system, do not hamper human body moves again, have good plasticity, comfortable sex and warmth retention property, the comfortable sex of wool knitwear comes from the flexibility that knits fiber place to have at wool, permeability and plasticity, because have between aba fiber,wool knitwear warmth retention property is enough much relative to not current air, before wool unlined upper garment is to regard as inside wear dress, as global climate a day of heaven and earth is calefacient, the heat preservation characteristic of wool unlined upper garment is abate with each passing day, again the another natural enemy of together with aba- - the sell like hot cakes of heat preservation underwear also makes aba from inside wear translate into inside and outside to wear give attention to two or morethings, wool unlined upper garment from inside the change that outside be being worn, wears raised taller requirement to stylist of wool unlined upper garment, so, what the fashionable dress of design of unlined upper garment changed wool to also make a period is inevitable.

The fashionable dress that in recent years wool unlined upper garment designs is changed apparent with each passing day, main show is the following respects:

One, photograph union applies wool knitwear and tatting fabrics to knit a design to go up at wool, use the needle mark with intense and colorful contrast and tatting fabrics organic ground joining together and break up, fabrics of glitter of foil of fabrics of wool cloth with soft nap, glaze expects tie-in and rude capable person is qualitative, massiness and frivolous fabrics are concomitant, the wool knitting that broke traditional sense thereby designs a concept, the design of fabrics of tatting of wool knitting copy also more and more the main trend that makes style.

2, wool knitwear and Pi Cao are united in wedlock, in aba get, ministry of sleeve, bosom, shoulder, pocket is applied wear a skin, stick the unique design such as the embroider on skin, skin, do not break in lie fallow showily.
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