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Fully waterproof gas knitting dress comes out

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  Summary: GORE-TEX (Gore is special this) it is American W. L. The high-tech material that GORE company discovers in the test that using PTFEGORE-TEX (Gore is special this) it is American W. L. GORE company is using the high-tech data that discovers in the experiment of PTFE, it is when filmy condition, each smooth heart has amount to 9 billion alveolus, the size of these alveolus is water 20 thousand 1/0, but compare vapor element again 700 times bigger. In addition it soft and tough, reason is top class waterproof breathe freely fabrics. GORE-TEX serves as world-renowned brand, how to popularize the experience that lets high-tech fabrics translate into consumer familiar through the market, it is dagger Er company all the time since the working key that be dedicated to.
Choice of GORE-TEX all along and become attached to of outdoors motion brand, popularize GORE-TEX fabrics. Can say, of the motion such as outdoors to having deep love for mountain-climbing " the ass is friendly " for, be called by play " the dog is too dead " this kind of fabrics almost unmanned do not know, GORE-TEX science and technology is applied extensively at appearance, knapsack, climbing boot, even the mobile phone is covered in waiting for all sorts of outdoors equipment, if be had without " the dog is too dead " the dress of the mark, can be being thought even is not true " the ass is friendly " .

On May 26, 2008 Gore spy this outdoors dream implementation awards prize reach a travel ceremony to be held ceremoniously in Beijing, this has been GORE-TEX (Gore is special this) support this activity the 2nd times. GORE-TEX (Gore is special this) the brand combines brand of famous and outdoors motion to be mixed together club of famous and outdoors motion the development that 3 husbands club aims to urge Chinese outdoors campaign. The spot is plan of two groups of champion -- " the brigade that Miao Dong amorous feelings explores southeast Guizhou " and " the brigade that highway of remote of another name for Yunnan Province passes through " the group issued honorary pot, awarded a travel banner and the outdoors dress that have GORE-TEX.

D i r Mr k shows general manager of textile department of China of dagger Er company, through 2008 Gore spy this outdoors dream realizes an activity, what dagger Er company sees outdoors sports fan is taken an active part in is enthusiastic, saw more science gives a plan reasonably, saw the future with outdoors motion noble cause of China. Regard open field whole world as banner sex brand, GORE-TEX (Gore is special this) the brand bears the blame as always shoulder, in order to give a form that aid financially, the lover that encourages more to have outdoors dream is walked into outdoors, go learning brand-new life style.

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