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Fair of cotton goods of needle of the 90th China and exposition of textile of Ch

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Hold time: 2008-2-23 comes 2008-2-25Nod showpiece: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Yang Lu of dragon of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 2345)Sponsor an unit: Chinese textile Trade Association Exhibit meeting window

Exhibit meeting general this to install fabrics of family expenses textile, complementary makings, household cloth art only house and needle spin machinery to exhibit an area, satisfy professional audience requirement, rich " in the needle is met " ginseng exhibit commodity;

Still will invite head office of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports and group of Chinese textile imports and exports to exhibit the supportive unit of the meeting as this at the same time, invite the company of textile imports and exports that business and churchyard purchase outside the condition to attend a meeting jointly purchase;

Exhibit supply and demand of large and retail business will be organized to meet during the meeting meeting and seminar of large textile market, borrow this to attract the personage inside more course of study to attend a meeting look around, purchase.

Trade limits:

Underwear produces class: Bedroom of fundamental underwear, warm cotton underwear, fashionable bra, household is taken.

Category of family expenses spin: The bedroom uses dry goods; Bathroom, kitchen, dining-room uses dry goods; The window uses dry goods; Household adornment uses cloth; The car resides Pi Cao goods with textile, home; Guesthouse, restaurant is special textile.

Dress produces class: Recreational move move socks of dress, cashmere abb dress, glove to taste, filar towel cravat, swimsuit swim pants.

Class produces related knitting: Complementary makings, needle spins knitting mechanical, needle spins products plan.

Extend house overall arrangement

A house: Underwear, bra, household is taken, athletic sportswear outfit, swimsuit swim wool of knitting of dress of abb of clothing of pants, children, cashmere, other knits finished product to wait

2 houses: Bedroom of underwear, bra, household is taken, athletic sportswear outfit, swimsuit swim pants, socks is tasted, face of glove of dress of abb of children clothing, cashmere, scarf, knitting, complementary makings

3 houses: Bedding, blanket, towel by, the bedroom uses textile, public house special textile

4 houses: Celebrate on things, blanket, towel by, the bedroom uses textile, public house embroider of Zhu Mu goods of special textile, Lin Cao, family expenses is tasted, live in finished product of spin of family expenses of cloth art, other to wait
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