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Exhibition of yarn of spin of 08 China International

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Hold time: 2008-3-27 comes 2007-3-29Nod showpiece: Beijing? China International trade centreSponsor an unit: Chinese textile industry association Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Exhibition of yarn of China International spin passes development of 4 years, major of the yarn that has made Chinese north implement consequence and scale most, fiber is exhibited meeting, pay close attention to become reconciled to judge by the personage inside course of study, serve to exhibit business and audience to join better, exhibition of yarn of spin of the 5th China International will continue to be in the center of Beijing 2008 business affairs area heartland -- China International trade centre is held, reach complementary makings with fabrics of China International spin (Chun Xia) the corresponding period of exposition of exposition, dress of China International dress is held, company of more convenient fabrics, clothing is purchased look around. In at the appointed time will more global professional personages participate in his, exhibition of yarn of China International spin also will become domain of China, Asia and even global spin yarn, fiber to communicate the main platform that information, commerce cooperates.

Limits of item on display:

Natural fiber and yarn: Cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other; Man-made fibre and yarn: Yarn of second birth, synthetic fibre; Special type fiber and yarn; Bounce yarn, beautiful type yarn; Serve related the computer; Research detects service; Media reachs professional journal

Show an area: 5, 000 square metre

Extend a price:

The standard exhibits (order since 9 square metre) : 9 smooth rice -- RMB 8600 yuan

Smooth ground is exhibited (order since 36 square metre, proper motion design, decorate) : RMB 780 yuan / square metre

Service content:

Detailed ginseng extends advisory service

Specialization the network is online service

Of individuation exhibit a design

Provide convenient board and lodging and traffic service

Be in global big media and conduct propaganda of each professional website advertisement

Use the powerful client network that accumulates 10 years to invite global commerce audience

Compile and print elegant proceedings of a conferences, publish freely ginseng exhibit enterprise directory pertinent information

Extend advertisement of meeting proceedings of a conferences and outdoors advertisement service

Intellectual property seeks advice from a service

Convenient, efficient extend service of system of field entrance guard

Offer exhibit data of the can detailed audience that postpone business to analyse a report
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