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Face of spin of international of the 9th Shenzhen complementary makings and yarn

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Hold time: 2008-3-7 comes 2008-3-9Nod showpiece: China? Shenzhen can exhibit a center (area of heart of tanaka of Shenzhen city blessing Fu Huasan road)Sponsor an unit: Exhibition of roc town of guild of Shenzhen city spin, Shenzhen city engineers limited company Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Nearly 10 thousand buy the home to longing for new product, register namely please ginseng exhibit!

Whether do you hope to increase fittings of textile, dress or the sales volume of complementary makings? Want to contact nearly 10 thousand to buy the home importantly? Attend namely please " fabrics of spin of international of the 9th 2008 Shenzhen exhibition of complementary makings yarn " , take the lead in booking exhibit meeting.

"Shenzhen International Textile Fair " the textile that is Hua Na the first of all and dress fittings exhibition, since holding, take on all the time the textile inside the area and the part that take assembly parts to purchase platform, also be the precious good opportunity that each district produces a Trade Fair to show newest product!

Climate favourable geographical position

Guangdong province is base of the throughout the country's biggest spin dress produce and sale all the time, gather numerous spin dress produces a business, shenzhen female outfit already was in lead position inside course of study, make the remarkable mark that leads tendency of the day, body to show fashion, it is China the biggest brand dress design, make reach one of treatment base. According to statistic, shenzhen garment industry realized production value last year 120 billion yuan, grow 93% compared to the same period, exit product sells as far as to 190 many countries and area.

Be famous in industry

Annual " face of Shenzhen international spin complementary makings and yarn exposition " , big fashionable dress and each brand clothing manufacturer buy a hand to all come in great numbers. They know, join those who exhibit is outstanding supplier, bring the fashionable dress stuff of tall commerce value. Presence " face of Shenzhen international spin complementary makings and yarn exposition " the brand if Adidas-Salomon, Gap, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dior, Baleno, Li Ning, An Lifang, E Er is much this, luck of Fu Shen, name, Jiessie. . . . . .

Reviewing of previous term or session

International spin exhibited the 8th Shenzhen to was in Shenzhen to be able to exhibit a center to hold on March 8, 2007 2007, exhibit can share 346 when come from nearly 10 countries and area to postpone business, the area is achieved 7500 smooth rice, exhibit the major that 12 countries and district drew in all during the meeting to buy a 8633 person-time to show up. Be like,the ginseng that attend the meeting postpones business: YKK, central cotton is knitted, person of Ka Fen Buddhist nun, butterfly manage, the Supreme Being, blessing China, Hai Sha, fine is promoted catch knit, spin emperor of city, day, carry on gently to promote spring breeze of new hair, Zhejiang, Zhejiang 3 yuan, Jiangsu Hua Fang, far east.
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