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Dress of dress of 2008 Shanghai international sticks a card to machine expositio

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Hold time: 2008-6-2 comes 2008-6-4Nod showpiece: Shanghai Pudong? New international reads extensively centerSponsor an unit: Shanghai song China exhibition service limited company Activity of the corresponding period: ★ dress dress purchases business plenary meeting ★ dress dress sticks a card to machine forum 10 beautiful stick ★ China dress card treatment company chooses an activity

Place: Shanghai Pudong new international reads extensively center
■ approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
■ sponsor an unit: Chinese dress signs up for China to be the same as source company
■ undertake unit: Shanghai song China the exhibition serves limited company
Assist run an unit: Garden of science and technology of warp knitting of Hai Ning China
■ popularize an unit: Chinese dress newspaper office dress of market conditions of net dress of woollen sweater of whole world of network of dress of China of GOOGLE Baidu manages Alibaba 100 professional media such as NEWS of fiber of Japan of net of dress of Zhejiang of times of dress of net of dress of newspaper China brand.

In the light of today of wintry Ming Chunxia's seasonal dress information release and order goods.
The dress with exclusive and professional whole world sticks a card to exhibit a target to exhibit a course of study of 1200 9 three-year institution of higher learning to exhibit an area to predict professional audience 38 thousand person

Ginseng extend range

1. men's clothing sticks card treatment to exhibit an area 4. Sprotswear sticks card treatment to exhibit an area 7. Professional clothing sticks card treatment to exhibit an area 2. Female outfit sticks card treatment to exhibit an area, 5. Treatment of recreational bull-puncher dress exhibits an area 8. Fashionable dress is acted the role of taste the treatment that stick a card to exhibit an area 3. Fur dress sticks card treatment to exhibit an area Knitwear of 6. wool unlined upper garment sticks card treatment to exhibit an area 9. childen's garments sticks card treatment to exhibit an area

10Big target visits round composition

1, world-famous brand interlinks inn 2, brand clothing company 4 commerce of agent of 3 brands dress act as agent orgnaization 5, foreign trade company 6 cross a state retail tycoon 7 individual manage a distribute and monopolistic 8 large supermarkets sell foreign trade of agency of group of dress of field and 9 of costume terminal market business 10. Garment industry represents delegate of guild of domestic and international dress and public media and professional media unit.
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