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The 9th China (Qingdao) exhibition of international textile industry

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Hold time: 2008-4-10 comes 2008-4-12Nod showpiece: Qingdao international exhibition centerSponsor an unit: Beijing is elegant exhibit an exhibition service limited companySponsor an unit: International can exhibit name of sea of Qingdao of of limited company of service of elegant type exhibition Shandong of branch of province of Shandong of stimulative commission of trade of China International of limited company saves Shandong of chamber of commerce of China International of textile industry office to save branch Shandong to omit name of sea of Qingdao of dress guild international can exhibit dress of city of Qingdao of limited company guildUndertake unit: Beijing is elegant exhibit an exhibition to serve name of sea of Qingdao of limited company international can exhibit guild of dress of city of Qingdao of limited company to exhibitCongress appoints a journal: Spin of Chinese spin and hand-me-down and hand-me-down (Asian edition) Shandong is saved -- the spin base with extraordinary vigor Shandong province is the China beyond Guangdong and Jiangsu base of the 3rd big industry, be in the 10th " Five-Year Plan " when one of traditional industry that already reformed spin and garment industry as 10, be in only 2006 textile crop, be equivalent to the 12 % left and right sides of Chinese total output. Provincial textile industry production basically gathers in Qingdao, Chang Yi, namely the small towns such as Mo Jihai this world, and taking the spin machine that uses get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh and skill is relevant production the only alternative that base can develop continuously.
Rely on Shandong- - China's important spin is saved greatly, "Exhibition of Qingdao international textile industry " since be being held first degrees in Qingdao from 2000, already took the course that passes 8 years, the need that admits to satisfy Shandong to save spin industry high speed, save textile for Shandong especially new round " the industry upgrades " the platform that compose builds IT communication, holding the spin machinery that matchs with industrial development to exhibit can be the need with urgent market, for this " 2008 exhibition of Qingdao international textile industry " will show service limited company and Qingdao sea name by Hong Kong elegant type international can exhibit limited company to be sponsorred jointly. Serve for you Extend the sponsors the experience that just abounds with its, acumen antenna to the market to reach pair of clients to need understanding of the meeting, formidable trade network and market promotion resource are had in industry. Ginseng exhibit business to reach buy the home to divide outside can enjoying the exhibition that sponsors an unit to be dedicated to offerring be overjoyed making a person to serve, can pass through more a series of client service and professional seminar undertake opinion communication is reached establish more business connection.
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