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2008 China (Shanghai) exhibition of international textile and fabrics, complemen

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Hold time: 2008-6-2 comes 2008-6-4Nod showpiece: Shanghai new international reads extensively central dragon in relief road 2345Sponsor an unit: China countrywide business association2008 China (Shanghai) exhibition of international textile and fabrics, complementary makings

China (Shanghai) International Textiles, fabrics&Accessories Exhibition 2008

Time: 2-4 day ground nodded in June 2008: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Long Yang road 2345) Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China Sponsor an unit: Does  of  of discharge of ≈ of  of pond of ど of  of  thanking  hang down  ? Popularize an unit: Chinese dress newspaper office Undertake unit: Shanghai song China the exhibition serves limited company Sea extrapolate is wide: Japanese fine grinds company Taiwan spins develop to meet Textile industry of Turkey of association of European spin clothing is allied Island of Han of American textile Manufacturers Association invests advisory limited company General situation of exposition of previous term or session: Previous term or session is exhibited meeting in June 2007 26-28 day reads extensively in Shanghai new international the center is held successfully, dimensions is close 20 thousand square metre, nearly 1000 exhibited business to attend exposition, according to statistic, professional audience exceeds 33 thousand person; The audience outside its China is occupied 31% , they come from country of member of country of Japan, Korea, United States, middle east, European Union, Africa to wait for nearly 40 countries respectively. 90% above ginseng exhibits business to sponsor field service and audience quality to express satisfaction to current exhibition. Dress of website of economy of spin of center of news of network of news of net of dress of net of spin of channel of dress of spin of website of China News Service, country Department of Commerce, Alibaba, China, China, China, Sohu, China, China signs up for, more than 100 authority such as net of female outfit of dress times, China media. We will be motivation with this, strive to exhibit ours can do the trademark with truly well-known international to exhibit meeting! ■ the organization of professional audience and propagandist promotion: 1.The authoritative medium such as TV station of newspaper of dress of daily of economy of CCTV, China, China, place puts in advertisement; 2. The domestic and international major that prints 1 million pieces of visiting certificate to be built through organizing an unit buys a database to be sent toward professional personage hand in, additional pass each trade mass organizations, constituent government visiting group, trade visiting group, expert group arrives at the spot to visit guidance communication; 3. Protocol is in many propagandist promotion is made domestic and internationally on a variety of 100 relevant media; 4. Invite industry authority personage, histology art seminar, technology communicates meeting, press conference;
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