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Textile industry of international of the 14th Shanghai was exhibited 2009

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Hold time: 2009-6-12 comes 2009-6-15Nod showpiece: Shanghai new international reads extensively centerSponsor an unit: Elegant type shows a service limited companyShanghai international textile industry is exhibited25Anniversary New-style spin machinery reveals platform   Postpone meeting brief introduction The ethical brand that textile industry of the farthest on Chinese history is exhibited and innovates independently - Shanghai international textile industry is exhibited, whenever,begin from 1984 odd year since be being held in Chinese Shanghai, the spins machine and spin market to provide first-rate equipment, technology and information communication platform with be dedicated to be the whole world the the biggest, mainest all the time, develop together with Chinese textile. Jie is exhibited can establish 25 years, textile industry exhibition period is waiting for international of the 14th 2009 Shanghai to be participated in your jointly.    Exhibit meeting data   
Reviewing of previous term or session
Thirteenth exhibition of Shanghai international textile industry (SHANGHAITEX2007) attracted in all come from the whole world the 1400 manufacturers ginseng of 23 province, town of 20 many countries and area and home, municipality is exhibited. Those who exhibit meeting dimensions to achieve the history most, enabled Shanghai new international to read extensively the center is entire 9 indoor houses mix 3 temporarily house, showpiece dimensions is amounted to 120, 000 square metre, make an appointment with than increasing 2005 20% ; Broke first before the dividing line that China and foreign countries extends an area exhibits an area to show different equipment and skill by major. Formed knitting, printing and dyeing, arrange wait for equipment technology to attach most importance to a dot; Achievement of technology of equipment of energy-saving, environmental protection is outstanding.

Hu Yan of deputy mayor of Shanghai municipal government is illuminated, vice-chairman of association of textile industry of Wang Tiankai of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, China holds Chinese spin machinery concurrently the leader of guild of spin of many provinces city waits for Gao Yong of director of equipment industry association and whole nation looked around to exhibit.

Exhibition of 4 days greeted by a definite date in all the global audience of 45 countries and area 108, 204 person-time, among them abroad and professional audience 3, 308 person-time, basically come from India, Japan, Pakistan, United States, Korea, Bengal, Vietnam, Iran, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Wu Ci 42 countries such as Biekesitan, Thailand and area.
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