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The 9th China (justice black) international sock, knitting and catch whole mecha

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Hold time: 2008-11-18 comes 2008-11-20Nod showpiece: Chinese Zhejiang saves Mei Hu of small commodities city of China of justice black city to be able to exhibit a centerSponsor an unit: of limited company of service of elegant type exhibition the 9th China (justice black) international sock, knitting and catch whole mechanical exhibition 2008 China (justice black) international knits belt and clothing machinery exhibition to sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote committee Zhejiang to save small commodities of branch Zhejiang China city group Inc. , it is China the knitting that is approbated exclusively by UFI at present, knit belt and catch entire industry to exhibit meeting; Also be home holds the fair that obtains UFI attestation exclusively in prefectural class city; It is 7 old brands of justice black city are exhibited at the same time one of meetings. Mutual come from 11 countries and area nearly 150 ginseng that postpone business are exhibited, abroad exhibit business to occupy than 60% , highlight exhibit the internationalization of the meeting and specialization degree; Exhibit an area 9000 square metre, increase than previous term or session 30% ; Attract global professional audience in all 5, 800 person-time look around. To grow trigonometry knitting, knit belt, dress and the development infuse that catch entire industry new technology. Exhibit at present already can enter benign development phase, because numerous ginseng is exhibited,already saw it be exhibited into what will develop direction to have active sense henceforth to this enterprise with visiting company meeting. Limits of item on display: Knitting frame, hosiery machine and chemical of bad news material, complementary makings, fiber, yarn cuts out instrument yarn spins room equipment and knitting frame of underwear of bad news material equipment of sanded mechanical agglutinate and bad news material knit belt and slide fastener forming machine stock of machine of gauze of Fu of instrument yarn bag, yarn cone winder handles: In November 2008 18- - 20 days exhibit meeting site: Zhejiang saves small commodities of lake of plum of justice black city the city can exhibit a center to contact means: Elegant type exhibition serves network address of limited company: contact: Phone of Lin Jian: 0755-8826 5628