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The 10th China (Qingdao) exhibition of international textile industry

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Hold time: 2009-4-9 comes 2009-4-11Nod showpiece: Qingdao international exhibition centerSponsor an unit: Elegant type shows a service limited companySponsor an unit: International can exhibit name of sea of Qingdao of of limited company of service of elegant type exhibition Shandong of branch of province of Shandong of stimulative commission of trade of China International of limited company saves Shandong of chamber of commerce of China International of textile industry office to save branch Shandong to omit name of sea of Qingdao of dress guild international can exhibit dress of city of Qingdao of limited company guildUndertake unit: Beijing is elegant exhibit an exhibition to serve name of sea of Qingdao of limited company international can exhibit guild of dress of city of Qingdao of limited company to exhibitCongress appoints a journal: Spin of Chinese spin and hand-me-down and hand-me-down (Asian edition)Exhibit meet · of Cheng of 10 single-page calendar and textile person of the same trade! Rely on Shandong- - China's important spin is saved greatly, "Exhibition of Qingdao international textile industry " since be being held first degrees in Qingdao from 2000, will enter the first 10 years 2009, satisfy Shandong to save the need that spin industry high speed admits further thereby, save textile for Shandong especially new round " the industry upgrades " the platform that compose builds IT communication. Serve for you Extend the sponsors the experience that just abounds with its, acumen antenna to the market to reach pair of clients to need understanding of the meeting, formidable trade network and market promotion resource are had in industry. Ginseng exhibit business to reach buy the home to divide outside can enjoying the exhibition that sponsors an unit to be dedicated to offerring be overjoyed making a person to serve, can pass through more a series of client service and professional seminar undertake opinion communication is reached establish more business connection. Reviewing of previous term or session By Hong Kong elegant type exhibition serves limited company and Qingdao sea name international can exhibit limited company to be sponsorred jointly first " the 9th China (Qingdao) exhibition of international textile industry " (the following abbreviation " Qingdao is spun machine exhibit " ) fell in Qingdao international exhibition center on April 12, 2008. As machinery of first spin of the China after the Spring Festival was exhibited 2008 meeting, shandong of base oneself upon, radiation China north, exert oneself is spin enterprise benign transition provides professional service, make current exhibit can present a many window. "The 9th China (Qingdao) exhibition of international textile industry " exhibit the meeting is mutual come from Taiwan of Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China, China the ginseng of many 150 manufacturer of 8 countries such as the province and area is exhibited. Exhibit an area to achieve 18, 000 square metre. Among them abroad exhibit business to exceed 1/3 first, exhibit the internationalization of the meeting, specialization appearance has been highlighted. Although spin enterprise is encountering,come 10 years most grim market situation, but by a definite date 3 days exhibiting still can be to attract global professional audience 6, 000 person-time enter look around. Major part celebrates municipal government of director of institute of project of spin of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr Mei Zijiang, former China Mr Zhang Huailiang, Qingdao mobile office director Mr Gu Dianjun arrive at exhibit meeting. Trade of Qingdao city classics appoint the leader such as guild of dress of province of vice director Mr Fan Xiutong, Shandong, honored guest and many 200 ginseng exhibited enterprise delegate to attend dinner of opening ceremony evening. "The 9th China (Qingdao) exhibition of international textile industry " in original exhibit the foundation of the meeting to go up, the spin company that saves for Shandong hard has benign transition, provide the communication platform of information and technology. Exhibit during the meeting, greeted guild of dress of spin of power sea city, article to ascend town home to spin unlined upper garment of wool of knitting of city of industrial bureau, Hai Yang early or late the visiting group of the unit such as association of clothing of spin of in relief city of guild of guild, spin of high density city, Lai. These company managers that come from industrial group ground speak of in succession, although at present the enterprise of industrial group ground relies on cost advantage,still can bear constrainedly the pressure of all sorts of cost and policy but by no means long plan. Must want to accelerate by " make " to " creation " benign transition, take on a social responsibility, strengthen energy-saving decrease a platoon, accelerate progress of science and technology and brand construction, and using new technology, new facility is exclusive anthology, "Qingdao is spun machine exhibit " can offer such opportunity fitly, the enterprise nearby of your Shandong can look around. Attend first " Qingdao is spun machine exhibit " limited company of machinery of Na Xing industry, exhibit there is equipment to clinch a deal namely during the meeting, made its be full of a hope to Shandong market, this also is to exhibit can sponsor just do the original intention that exhibit.
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