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Area: Zhejiang - fine promote

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Amount: The amount is not restricted

Release time: 2007-4-15 11:30:29

The price: Price range is discussed

Define: Horizontal braiding machine of company existing 12G, 14G, 16G many 100, computer horizontal machine 10. Set loom workshop, hind room of whole workshop, edition (1.5GG /3GG/ 5GG /7GG/ 9GG/ 12GG /14GG/ 16GG /18GG) , qualitative inspect ministry (set a check, into check, total check) with outside hair QC follows odd ministry, the many management department such as department of manage only business. Outside assist join in horizontal braiding machine is covered more than 1000 times (it is factory of a treatment) , entrance computer horizontal stroke makes up machine 3G, 5G, 7G, 9G, 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G nearly 150 (it is factory of a treatment) , 6G of computer garden machine, 9G, 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G is close 100 (it is 4 treatment factory) , entrance computer garden writes platform of machine 12G, 14G8 (it is factory of a treatment) , machine of jacquard weave of 3G, 5G, 5.5G hundreds (it is many treatment factory) , bath equipment and technology and produce can banner person of the same trade, whole very hot very hot more than 10, computer flatcar, 3 needles 5 lines (stretch tight seam) the advanced equipment such as machine of machine, 5 lines Bao Bian, computer embroider machine is all ready. Be opposite to satisfy domestic and international new old client demand of product much trend, the enterprise deploys professional design to frighten number to make edition staff, have extremely strong independence to develop new product and answer edition ability, basically choose cotton kind, wool kind, chemical fibber kind, cashmere kind, hemp kind, silk kind, yarn of new fiber, special type, rabbit hair kind wait for yarn of hundreds breed raw material. Main product has: Children sweater, women's sweater, men's sweater of sweater, fashionable dress of male and female, jacquard weave sweater, without seam sweater, the wool such as T-shirt unlined upper garment, manual sweater, scarf, amice, cap knits fashionable dress, go to two producing per year of all kinds woollen (cover) , the plan finishs three this year (set) .
The administrative group that my company uses the manufacturing facilities with advanced oneself and high quality reachs the dominant position of a large number of skilled jockey, mix directly after Ceng Xian give secondhand for a few more domestic and international well-known trademark (Beijing Xue Lian, the Tang Dynasty lion, billow graceful a suit, actor Buddhist nun library, TOMMY HILFIGER, GAP

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