[supply] short sleeve sweater

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Area: Guangdong - Dongguan

Period of efficacy comes: Expire

Amount: The amount is not restricted

Release time: 2008-4-9 17:08:33

The price: Price range is discussed

Define: Sweater of new fund short sleeve, design is original, bouncy close-fitting, easy and handsome collarband all shows female glamour.
This factory is the woollen such as socks of a sweater, sweater, amice, glove, scarf, the five fingers manufacturing actual strength is abundant, seasoned, the service is high-class, can provide example reference, justice of design diversity, novel, price is reasonable, welcome the sheet below new old client treatment of production, supplied materials, negotiate business!
Product color: Yellow of blue of green red white (the client is free)
Product volume: S/M/L/XL all but

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