[supply] cashmere sweater

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Area: Jiangsu - Xuzhou

Period of efficacy comes: Expire

Amount: The amount is not restricted

Release time: 2008-4-29 8:42:22

The price: Price range is discussed

Define: Full automatic body of capacity of computer horizontal aircraft is custom-built cashmere sweater, design and color, breed is novel; Let the cashmere sweater in your inn

Design has distinguishing feature more than other store, have window; Consider pattern cannot, good to one increasing again for you

The business. Joined in 2008 new increased cloth with soft nap of cashmere wool, sheep, milk cloth with soft nap; 7 needle, 9 needle, 12 needles

Allow the style in your inn more diversification. Sweater of family name of the Song Dynasty relies on Zhuo Yi to measure a body especially of software of custom-built sweater craft strong

Big function makes computer horizontal machine complete apply at measuring body to have something made to order, join in computer horizontal machine measures body to have something made to order let you in inn

Design has individuation more, let you at the same time more without trouble back at home.

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