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[Beg buy] man hair unlined upper garment

From;  Author:Stand originally

Area: Anhui - Hefei

Period of efficacy:

Amount: The amount is not restricted

Release time: 2008-8-4 15:04:31

The price: Price range is discussed


1 beg buy: &Unlined upper garment of Nbsp; man hair

Complete wool of 2 material fabrics, ask to produce by blueprint 3 treatment business is in charge of inner packing 4 payment: Imprest treatment deposit, money of bank of crude place of production is prepaid payment for goods. Batch make batch of written guarantees 5 offer goods period 240 days. 6 make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, the assistance that send a person produces 0551-5263969 of 7 connection phone, fax 0551-2109751